A Dedicated Organization

The People Behind IrespectU

IrespectU is not only a name or slogan. It addresses the relationship between human beings and how we shape this relationship. Therefore, it takes followers who not only fundamentally support the idea but are also committed and willing to implement the idea in a team.

And there is much to do: Administration and all kinds of organizational matters have to be dealt with. Contents must be communicated in various languages and must be visualized by using a variety of tools and technical means. And, last but not least, the very idea must be brought across to the people through personal contact: I respect you – regardless of our differences. It is only in this way that IrespectU can be credible.

The majority of the work at IrespectU is done on a volunteer basis. The members of our team come from different nations and have different religions and denominations. They enjoy encountering different cultures and are open to the challenges associated with it.

Tommy Lenssen, Nuremberg | Technical Direction, Production and Web

Sabine Stamminger, Nuremberg/Jerusalem | Founder and Managing Director

Erich Stamminger, Nuremberg | Communication

Carina Vorndran, Nuremberg | Assistance to Management

Ofer Ribak, Tel Aviv | Photos and Movie Production

Ruth Ceslanski, Nuremberg | English Translation, Consulting

Sigrun Nowell, Nuremberg | Event Management

Peter Moore , Portland U.S.A | Creative Direction, Design

Alice Meroz, Berlin | Hebrew Translation, Consulting

Caroline Schütz, Bad Staffelstein | Event Management