A Dedicated Organization

How it Started

IrespectU was created as the result of a very personal experience. Sabine Stamminger, the founder of the organization, lived in Jerusalem from 2003 until 2008. She knows of her own experience that respect is the key for a better understanding between human beings belonging to different cultures and that respect is fundamental for establishing meaningful relationships. This knowledge characterizes the work of IrespectU until today.

During her time in Israel, but also in other places in the region, she met an incredible variety of people from different religious, cultural and social backgrounds. She learned about their dreams, values and their habits. She explored the treasures of the Jewish Culture, discovered the Middle Eastern way of life, and built meaningful relationships.

As a foreigner and Christian, thus belonging to a religious and cultural minority in the country, she experienced what millions of immigrants worldwide go through. This experience challenged her enormously and changed her life in many ways.

Above all, it made her deeply aware of one crucial fact: Wherever we live and whoever we are, we want to be accepted and respected, just the way we are.

Since that time, Ms. Stamminger is closely tied to the people in Israel. Today, she spends several months each year in the region. During this time she shares daily life with the people. And with her organization, IrespectU, she also initiates and supports a number of projects to promote the respectful interaction between the various ethnic groups.

Volunteering at Yad LaKashish