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A New Perspective of the Middle East

Powder keg and a region in political crisis – that is how most of us view the Middle East, and especially Israel and the West Bank, based upon what we hear from the media. However, this is only one component of reality. Blanket judgments and stereotypes do not do justice to the complex situation. IrespectU has taken on the task of focusing on local individuals in an unbiased manner. Through such direct contact the surprising and fascinating can be discovered!

The unbelievable cultural diversity of Israel is largely unknown in our hemisphere. Yemenite, Ethiopian, Arab or preferably Armenian? Even the culinary influences and the diverse art of handicrafts allow for many exciting discoveries. Beauty and enjoyment have an infinite variety of facets, after all.

Moreover the zest for life of people facing difficult living conditions impresses many visitors to this country. Spontaneity is trump and flexibility is vital for survival.

And regardless if one is underway in a Jewish or Arab setting: Family cohesion as well as the immense helpfulness and hospitality gains many a visitor´s respect. Faith in God, tradition and rituals are present everywhere and they often give life a pleasing structure and a down to earth approach.

Naturally the gravity of the conflict should not be downplayed. Sabine Stamminger personally experienced what life is like under these conditions during the second Intifada (2000 to 2005), the Gaza War in the summer of 2014, as well as during the new wave of violence since autumn of 2015. She is repeatedly impressed by individuals on both sides of the conflict who never give up in advocating a change in the situation and who want to overcome the divisions. IrespectU wants to support these positive approaches.

IrespectU also promotes the avoidance of generalized blame and recriminations, in order to see the individuals, with all their worries, ideas and dreams, beyond the conflict.

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