A Dedicated Organization

Yad LaKashish

Yad LaKashish (Lifeline for the Old) in Jerusalem gives needy elderly people the opportunity to improve their financial situation and their social life through meaningful occupation.

Yad LaKashish is an Israeli charity organization with a unique concept. Based in the center of Jerusalem, Yad LaKashish employs 300 needy elderly Jewish people in creative workshops such as pottery, bookbinding and silk painting. The participants of the program, most of them new immigrants, get a monthly stipend, a warm nutritious meal, and additional allowances. However, what is even more important: They get the chance to do something productive and creative and to communicate on a daily basis with a lot of people their own age.

Sabine Stamminger was volunteering for this project for several years. She is still impressed by the atmosphere of warmth, dignity and respect, and by the enthusiasm of the elderly for the products they create.

Yad LaKashish runs a gift shop, which sells the items created by the elderly. Apart from this revenue, the project operates on donations only. As it reflects the idea of respect for the elderly in a perfect way, IrespectU is committed to supporting the project financially and with contacts.

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