A Dedicated Organization

STEP International

STEP International gives people on the West Bank the chance to attend English courses and Computer training programs in order to improve their professional skills.

STEP International was established in the year 2000 with the purpose of improving the quality of life for people living in the West Bank. One of their greatest values is empowerment. Their goal is to empower people through educational programs such as English courses and Computer training programs, and help them, for example, to acquire jobs as well as support them in their personal development.

The mission of STEP is to bring hope and a better future to people affected by conflict. Sabine Stamminger was involved in the English teaching program herself as a staff member and knows from her own experience that this program provides meaningful and sustainable assistance.

The idea of helping people help themselves expresses a great deal of respect. Respect for the capability of people to acquire new skills and for their capability to make their own decisions and to improve their living conditions. It is for this reason IrespectU is committed to support STEP International.

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