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Everyday life in Israel from an authentically human perspective is the subject of numerous presentations that IrespectU has offered diverse groups over the past few years. The presentations are informative, vivid and balanced, while the focus is always tuned to the respective target group.

Pupils of all ages, students, police officers, politicians, churchgoers and many more are interested in getting information at first hand, provided by Ms. Sabine Stamminger. She has shared the lives of the people in the Middle East for the past 13 years. Her profound background knowledge comprises reports on her experiences, thereby refraining from stereotyped ways of thinking and finger pointing.

Instead of political assessments, Ms. Stamminger focuses on the daily challenges that the people of Israel and of the West Bank have to tackle. What are their problems and dreams? Which factors influence their mindset and culture? How do they deal with their faith in everyday life? Ms. Stamminger talks about interesting, exciting and sad occurrences – life in all its color in a fascinating region that is mostly known as a crisis area.

Exciting stories for the youngest, rich image and video material, diverse hands-on objects and a taste of what the country´s cuisine has to offer – this is how Ms. Stamminger brings Israel to life for her listeners. Following each presentation, IrespectU provides a platform to exchange ideas. As a consequence, quite a few participants have decided to travel to Israel to get a feeling for the country.

Ms. Stamminger also shares her knowledge on topics such as respect between the various cultures and intercultural communication by offering lessons, trainings, lectures or speeches.

STH Basel, Theological Academy

STH Basel, Theological Academy