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MOSAIC – Short Movies

„MOSAIC – Encounters in Israel“ is the title of a movie project, produced by IrespectU, that presents portraits of 11 Israelis coming from different social and cultural backgrounds. Thus the project reflects the cultural diversity of Israel.

Religious and secular Jews, Arabs, Druze, Armenians, Bedouins… all these people form the mosaic of Israeli society. Interesting, colorful, confusing and sometimes also contradictory and full of tension. Eleven of these characters have their say in the short movies of IrespectU. They tell us about their lives, their plans, dreams and struggles in a complex setting. Everyone has a unique story and shares it in an open and authentic way, without any comments given by the filmmakers.

The audience perceives life in Israel from a new perspective and may well conclude that they have a lot in common with the portrayed individuals even though they live in a completely different setting.

The movies were produced on a high technical level and in HD quality. Their visual language is very appealing as well. Apart from the original Hebrew version all the videos are available with German or English subtitles also.

The launch of the movies took place in November 2014, comprising two special events in a cinema in Nuremberg. Since then the movies, either the whole series or a selection of videos, were presented in different locations such as Berlin, Germany and Basel, Switzerland. Fascinating background information as well as truly interesting stories about the “Making of…” were given by the producers.

And now you can watch 10 of these MOSAIC movies in the comfort of your home. Please click on the photo of the individual video that you want to see or on the trailer to start the movie.

The MOSAIC Trailer