A Dedicated Organization

What We Do

IrespectU implements and supports activities and projects in Germany, Israel and the West Bank. We work to reduce prejudices by providing descriptive and true to life information on various cultural people groups and by facilitating personal encounters.

Hate and prejudice work well when it comes to the faceless anonymous mass. This is our point of focus: Not only do we inform on different cultures, but we also try to give a voice to people in a diverse and creative manner; we want to show them as the individuals that they are. Despite all our differences, it is obvious that human beings everywhere share the same concerns, values and dreams, no matter where they live. IrespectU develops presentations, movies and firsthand reports to be offered to a variety of target groups.

Furthermore, IrespectU supports programs that bring people with different cultural backgrounds together. Personal encounters in a protected environment, especially in the tense climate of the Middle East, are made possible. Special focus is given to the work with Jewish and Arab children and young people. Moreover, we work to improve the living conditions of people in the region through specific support measures for meaningful employment and education.

Cooperation with local partners ensures that these measures are installed exactly where they are needed in order to be most effective.