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This website should not only provide information but introduces interested parties to the colorful life of the Middle East, directly and personally. Ms. Sabine Stamminger has experienced Israel and the region first hand for over ten years – and she found that there are many exciting things to report about! This motivated her to share her observations, experiences and insights in this column.

The perfectly normal madness of living in the Middle East presents itself most clearly in daily life, in encounters with fascinating people whose stories are touching, as well as in the many major and minor occurrences which continually astonish and surprise foreigners. Ms. Stamminger also writes about the presumed bizarreness and the multitude of „Aha“ experiences she comes across. All of this should help to understand a culture which is not ours and which can push central Europeans to their limits. Ms. Stamminger also shares seemingly confusing or sad stories with the reader.

Thus if you have a desire to learn more about the current activities of IrespectU in the Middle East and Europe, for snapshots of life in Israel and the West Bank, for interesting encounters with individuals, and for tidbits which are thought provoking and will expand your horizon – then take a look at our website and you will be rewarded.