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Leo Baeck Institute Jerusalem

The Leo Baeck Institute (LBI) in Jerusalem engages in the research of German Judaism. Its intent, though, is not to lock itself up in a scientific ivory tower, but to seek an ongoing dialogue with Israeli society. With the purpose of supporting this dialogue, IrespectU has decided to finance an LBI internship for an Israeli student and sponsors as well the cross-generational get-together “Dor Siach”.

The intern, Gedalyahu Wittow, studies philosophy and cognitive science. He is convinced that much can generally be learned from the experiences of previous generations, and specifically from the outstanding German-Jewish intellectuals of the past. Resulting from his personal history, the concept of respectful social interaction with different streams of thought and ideology is very important to him. He grew up in an ultra-orthodox Jewish setting from which he has distanced himself due to his personal convictions. His own experiences of marginalization and rejection have sensitized him to this issue.

The LBI Jerusalem offers Gedalyahu a rich field of activity. Together with German volunteers he is working on an Austrian Heritage project, which is collecting interviews of Austrian Jews who emigrated to Palestine in the 1930s. He furthermore composes articles to be published in the social media.

Gedalyahu is also involved in  the cross-generational monthly Café “Dor Siach”. The meetings bring together members of various generations, Germans as well as Israelis, for an exchange on various topics. During every session experts provide relevant impulses and  manifold food for thought.

The LBI Jerusalem has existed since 1955 when it was established by a group of Jewish intellectuals and philosophers, including Martin Buber. It was named after Leo Baeck, the last liberal Rabbi of the historical Jewish community of Berlin, who also served as the first chairperson of the LBI. Beyond researching German Judaism, the institute has the objective to present the many facets of German-Jewish history to the Israeli public. Its focus is set on ideas and approaches which the spiritual and intellectual resources of German Judaism can offer and which are still relevant in Israeli society today. In this context, the LBI Jerusalem organizes conferences, seminars, lectures, and concerts, not only for academic experts, but also for the broad public. Leo Baeck Institutes also exist in New York, London and Berlin.

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Intern Gedalyahu with the German volunteer Carmen Stamm

The LBI celebrates 60th anniversary

Gate of the Leo Baeck Institute in Katamon, Jerusalem

Intern Gedalyahu Wittow

Concert with pianist Aaron Kohlberg

"Theater in German-Jewish Culture", poster for an event

Dr. Doron Avraham, Bar Ilan University